Monday, May 27, 2013

Pathfinder Character Sheets

If you're looking for character sheets for your Pathfinder game, I can not recommend Dyslexic Studios complete set highly enough.

These sheets are clean, clear, tightly designed and have specific sheets for the core and base classes in Pathfinder, including 3PPs like Dreamscarred Press' Psionics Unleashed. Pages for animal companions, eidolons, summoned creatures, familiars and mounts are also included.

I've used many a character sheet in my day, from pre-made to hand-made, and these balance convenience, rules support and visual appeal in a way I've never seen. And the best thing is, they're free! Check them out and spread the word.

Here's the breakdown.

Main Page (aka: The Roleplaying Page)

The first page of your character's sheet includes everything you'd think it should, and less! Where many character sheets try to squeeze AC, attacks, defenses, saves, weapons and equipment onto the first page, these sheets move your skills, feats, racial, and class abilities to the main page while moving the other stuff to a separate Combat Sheet. This makes between-combat sessions easy and gives plenty of room to hand-write unique feats and special abilities.

There's plenty of space on the skills list for choose-your-own skills like Craft, Profession, Perform, and Knowledge. The most commonly used Knowledge skills are already included.

You'll also notice that every box that's related to a stat has that stat listed in pale-green ink. This makes calculations fill-in-the-blank easy.

The Combat Page

It's the organization of Dyslexic's sheets that impresses me. When combat starts, this sheet is 90% of what you need.

The Class Page

And again. Each class has its own personalized sheet, including charts on what you gain at each level, spells, scrolls, favored enemy bonuses, whatever. This kind of organization is particularly great for multiclassing. Adding a rogue level to your fighter? Grab a rogue class page and you're off.

The Inventory Page

What most equipment sheets are lacking is room. This sheet has plenty of space for all your gear and organizes your slot-specific magic items. They even have one page that includes wands, scrolls and potions, and another that simply has more space.

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