Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: The Talented Monk

"Whether your passion is the classic unarmed mystic, the non-mystic martial artist, the armored sohei, the zen meditative archer, or something entirely different, The Talented Monk gives you the building blocks to create the monk of your imagination."

As with most gamers, there are a handful of classes that speak to me. The first character I ever created was a half-elf ranger way back in 1st edition. In 2nd edition I started playing with the ranger-druid multiclass. v3.* and Pathfinder re-envisioned the rangers and druids like I always pictured them--highly skilled and agile wilderness warriors and shapeshifting masters of animals, respectively. As much as the nature-based classes have ruled my roleplaying career there's been one other class that fascinates me, one that I always consider playing but rarely do. The monk.