Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review: Advanced Class Guide Playtest

"I'm surprised by how much I enjoy these new classes. Each appears to balance roleplaying and combat effectiveness and is unique enough to inspire ideas for characters I'd love to see on the table."

This week, Paizo released a playtest version of their upcoming Advanced Class Guide. The playtest includes 20-level write-ups for 10 new classes, each a merger of two current classes. You can download your copy of the playtest here.

The classes include:

Arcanist: Sorcerer and Wizard
Bloodrager: Barbarian and Sorcerer
Brawler: Fighter and Monk
Hunter: Druid and Ranger
Investigator: Alchemist and Rogue
Shaman: Oracle and Witch
Skald: Barbarian and Bard
Slayer: Ranger and Rogue
Swashbuckler: Fighter and Gunslinger
Warpriest: Cleric and Fighter