Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Behind the Screen: They Be Goblins

Spoiler Alert

The Behind the Screen series is intended for GMs looking for ideas on running Jade Regent, or advice about running long-term campaigns. Posts will include information that my players already know about the Jade Regent storyline, but may include spoilers for those who haven't played yet. You've been warned.

The original map of the Licktoad Village, suspended on 10' stilts.
The Licktoad Village was built using Dungeon Tiles from Mage Knight Dungeons. The trees were all handmade by my friend Ty. The statue of Lamashtu and the watering holes were a part of the Mage Knight Dungeons sets. Chief Gutwad's enormous throne was painted by my friend Doug Easterly. The barrels and supplies in the storage room were painted by Will Gustwiller. The barricade pieces and folding base were bought from War Zone Gaming Terrain.

The outside walls are assumed to exist without putting up actual walls. This saves me building time/effort and allows players to better see inside. Open spaces in an established wall represent windows. The walkways between buildings have no rails. The entire village is assumed to be on 10' tall stilts, with the round-marked tiles (originally trap tiles for Mage Knight Dungeons) represent spiral staircases. 

Each tile represents a 10'x10' square, allowing 2 figures side-by-side

Instead of the lake on the map, I used these drinking holes.

Barricaded front gate, with a spiral staircase on the left leading up to a door.

(Center) Goblin baby cages next to Squeely Nord's pen.
(Top and Left) The other circle-tiles represent spiral staircases.
(Right) Open spaces in established walls represent windows.

The burned down hut of Scribble Face from the We Be Goblins prequel

Gutwad's enormous throne. In the corner is a statue of Lamashtu

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